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Project Close to Society

Hello and Welcome to the english page of the Projekt Close to Society

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Here you can learn about the Projekt, about the goal that we want to reach and the ways of how we do it!

The project “Close to society “ is a cooperation with different partners in the municipality with ABF Södra-Östra Dalarna (Workers Education Assosiation) as a nave and the project turns to third country nationals outside EU and EES.

The project is based on active participants to be able to have influence on their own situation and the main goal of the project is improved integration and participation in the society. Very characteristic for the immigrants are a rather high level of education and the project aim to work individually to make way for additional education and to prepare for the labourmarket. Of demographic reasons there will be a need for manpower in the municipality in the future so it is important to integrate the immigrants in the municipality for the future.

The project also aims to work with the situation of the families as a whole as we have identified problems with families with children who is in a stuporsituation (apathi syndrome) which isolate members of the family. A cooperation with different partners where the individual is in the center can make the problem visible and together the partners can find flexibel solutions.

After interviews and analysis the project will work with study circles of both new and traditional adult education. ABF has a long experience and a long tradition of adult education since the beginning of the twentieth century. The main goal of the project is that immigrants are looked upon as a valuable access and that the project increases the integration in the municipality and the region.

Project coordinator is Namik Abbasov namik.abbasov@abf.se

Secondary project coordinator is Linda-Marie Anttila linda-marie.anttila@abf.se

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This project is financed by EUs Integrations Fund


If you wan to contact the project


Project Coordinators are:

Namik Abbasov

mob. 076-278 8171

Linda-Marie Anttila 

mob. 070-398 9790

Email: naratillsamhallet@abf.se