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Welcome to ABF´s 100 years Jubilee!

Stockholm 11 – 16 of June 2012. We welcome you to ABF’s 100 years Jubilee in Stockholm, Sweden. The theme of the Jubilee is “Society as it is and how it should be”. Besides only describing today’s society it also includes an idea for change on how to get a better society for all. The idea of change has always been in focus for ABF both in large and small. That’s why we talk of “making another world possible”.

The 100 years Jubilee is celebrated in many places: in ABF-huset (ABF´s local branch in Stockholm), Kulturhuset, Kungsträdgården and Skansen. This enables us to offer a great number of activities that we hope are to your taste! 

Participate and register

We are going to talk about the history of liberal adult education (popular education, workers’ education), see what we do today and what challenges lies ahead of us.

You will meet colleagues and adult educators from all over Sweden as well as from the whole world.

Writers, researchers, cultural workers, staff and any interested will meet, talk, do things, laugh, think, discuss and for certain come across new ideas.

As you understand the Jubilee will become a melting pot of everything ABF has done, does and will do! Join us and contribute to making ABF’s 100 years Jubilee an event that echoes way beyond our own ranks.

You will find the registration form as a pdf-document below!

Excerpts of programme


IFWEA will hold a number of seminars in the beginning of the week, followed by workshops and seminars geared towards the public.

A number of City-walks will start at ABF-huset with themes such as Stockholm oriented writers, historical walks in Stockholm and sights.

On Friday a great number of events with young people as target group will be held in ABF-huset.


Kulturhuset will be an important hub for the events during the latter part of the week. Here you will find exhibitions, films and photo, create your mosaic, environmental issues and other activities where you yourself can participate.


There will be artists performing, dance shows and other stage performances as well as test-and-try a number of study circle activities from aesthetical revelations to handy craft.


The Open air museum of Stockholm invites all participants with children to both visit the Open air museum and to watch the School of upcoming artists to demonstrate their skills and abilities. In Gershedens Folkets Hus (Peoples House) the visitors can participate in storytelling for adults, meet writers as well as sing and song writers.

International seminars and events during the Jubilee

ABF’s engagement in international issues goes back a long time and will be manifested by a range of seminars dealing with interesting up-to-day topics which presently are being organized.

You will receive a more detailed programme during spring 2012.

Best regards,

Anne Stringberg
Project leader ABF´s 100 years jubilee

+46 8 613 50 22


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