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NYHET! Drawing and Painting

This course aims to give you the opportunity to work with both drawing and painting in a wide range of materials including pencil, charcoal, oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache and ink. You will be given the chance to experiment and explore different techniques and mediums, both individually and as a group, with a strong emphasis on building confidence and new skills in a warm and friendly environment. You will have the freedom to work from life and photos. Whether your interest lies in portraiture, still life or landscapes, you will be supported and encouraged along the way.
Both beginners and experienced are welcome.
The course is held in English, led by Robert O’Brien.The painting is made by the leader, Robert.

The starting point of all our courses is folk education education. It is based on a dialogue between leaders and participants. The leader is admittedly the hub of teaching, but the participants' wishes, prerequisites and needs are crucial to the way the shared knowledge journey will be. Here we devote ourselves to learning in a small democratic group where curiosity and joy permeate the work.

No previous knowledge required.

All our course leaders have extensive experience both within their subject area and as educators. Many are professionals in their field, and all have gone to ABF's core circle education.

Bring blocks, pens, brushes and paint to the first course. We recommend using rugged clothes.


  • The scheduled course start for spring is week 6-8, for autumn 37-39.
  • If you entered your email address when you signed up, the call will be via email. Otherwise, it will arrive by mail.
  • A study hour = 45 min.
  • Course book and / or work material is not included in the course fees (unless otherwise stated).
  • As a senior, student, jobseeker or disabled, you are offered a 10% discount on the course fee.
  • Is something that you specifically needs for your participation in the circle to be great, do not hesitate to mention this in your application and we will do what we can to eliminate the barriers that may exist.
  • Read more at THIS MUST KNOW. < / li>

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Startdatum: 13 februari 2018

Veckodagar: Tisdag(ar)

Tidpunkt: 19.00 - 21.15

Antal tillfällen: 12

Arrangör: ABF Göteborg


Plats: ABF Järntorget 8, Ateljé 3 Vån 2
Järntorget 8, 41304, GÖTEBORG

Arrangemangsnummer: 997428

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