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ABF Göteborg

The Workers Educational Association i Sweden - ABF - is the country's largest study association. In this summary a short presentation is given of the ideas which are the basis of our activities.

The Workers Educational Association was founded in 1912. Through free and voluntary educational activities based on the principles of equality, solidarity and democracy, we aim to

  • Further and participate in a transformation of society, using as a starting point the basic values of the workers movement
  • Educate the members of the affiliated organisations for tasks within association life, working life and society
  • Create the preconditions for participation and freedom of choice in education and cultural life for everyone

This popular form of education in Sweden has long traditions. The basic activity is the study circle, where a small group of people voluntarily gather to pursue studies in a special subject over a period of time.

ABF in Gothenburg offers a wide range of courses. The content varies greatly and includes for example pottery as well as diffrent forms of music and dance classes, like Tango. 

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