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Yoga för barn 9-12 år - Yoga for kids 9-12 years i Lomma

Have you met kids who are struggling to handle stress and emotions, to find focus, to build self-esteem, able to calm down and co-operate? Yoga is a lovely tool to work with this. And also to get more strength, flexibility, body control and to have a calm and peaceful moment.


We use a tale or a story to build the exercises around. We show what to do and give many instructions so they can manage to practise asanas (yoga movements) as precisely as they can. The aim is that kids enjoy the moving and we focus on the right positions and stretching of the spine. Emotional intelligence, self-confidence, sense of balance can be improved and co-operation with others through exercises in pairs or groups. There are breathing exercises, relaxation and games together. The class is 45-50 minutes. The class will be held in English

Yoga can help kids to learn:

How to stay open-minded
How to experience the world as a whole
How to handle fear, stress and anger
How to handle their emotions
How to build up their own inner world
How to get a better knowledge of their own body


Kids yoga is designed slightly differently than the usual yoga class, always focusing on the abilities and the age of the kids. 


This yoga is 45-50 minutes long and will be held in English.

Take soft and comfortable clothes on. If you have a mat you are welcome to bring it.

Take something warm with you to put on during relaxation. A cardigan, socks, a scarf or something like that.


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04 mars 2021
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