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Yoga for the spine - Yoga för ömma ryggar

Long hours in chairs, work in front of screens? Our sitting lifestyle produces predictable patterns in our bodies. Prevent spine problems, ease pain in the neck, low back, walk easier and enjoy a more energetic everyday life!

Spine-focused yoga

Our sitting lifestyle produces predictable patterns in our bodies. Our heads are positioned forward, our arms rotate forward, to keep the balance our pelvises are pushed forward, thus our systems get extra pressure and tension, pain occurs.

This spine-focused yoga starts with a workshop to discover more from anatomy and researches and during the 5-occasion course you can learn secure exercises which correct the wrong movements and postures.

Good to know

This yoga is 45-50 minutes long and will be held in English.

Take soft and comfortable clothes on. If you have a mat you are welcome to bring it.

Take something warm with you to put on during relaxation. A cardigan, socks, a scarf or something like that.

The yoga room is on the second floor with only stairs.

This is a Part of Natural Movement Patterns Training. (NMPT)

OBS! This course was cancelled this autumt due to the Corona, but were hoping to start it in februari.  


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15 april 2021
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ABF huset i Lomma
Kaptensgatan 4 23422 LOMMA
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