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Reading Group on Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism

Is there a viable alternative to capitalism? In this reading group we will explore what Marx can teach us when trying to find our own answer to that question. During six times this summer we will meet online and critically discuss Peter Hudis’s book Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism.

The Alternative to Capitalism? 

The standard view which has dominated Left-wing discourse for many decades has been that Marx never said anything substantial about what an alternative to capitalism could look like. Instead, it has been assumed that what Marx’s thought of as an alternative to the market anarchy of capitalism was state control of the means of production.

In the book Marx’s Concept of the Alternative to Capitalism, published by Haymarket Books in 2013, Peter Hudis shows that on the contrary Marx did talk explicitly about alternatives to capitalism in many of his writings. And moreover, Hudis argues that Marx’s whole negative critique of the capitalist mode of production in fact implies a positive notion of an alternative, an alternative to goes way beyond state control of the means of production and mere redistribution of value.

Furthermore, Hudis tries to show that Marx actually was committed to a specific concept of a post-capitalist society that informed the whole of his approach to political economy. What that concept was, and if it has any relevance for us today, will be the topic to discuss for this reading group.

This reading group will meet online six times during the summer and discuss one chapter of Hudis’s book each time. We’ll start with the introduction and we’ll end with the conclusion and the appendix. At our last session, the author Peter Hudis himself, will join us in our discussion and we will be able to pose questions and comments to him directly. Here is a short video were Hudis introduces his book by himself.

This reading group is co-sponsored by ABF Malmö and Centrum för Marxistiska Samhällsstudier Malmö. The language spoken in the circle will be English. To participate you will need a computer, a tablet, or a smart phone with a stable internet connection. If you find problems getting hold of a copy of the book, please contact ABF and we can help you sort that out.


Date and time:

Wednesdays; 3/6, 17/6, 1/7, 15/7, 29/7, and 12/8 between 19:00-20:30.


Online course, on platform Skype.

På svenska:

I ett samarbete mellan ABF Malmö och Centrum för Marxistiska Samhällstudier Malmö arrangeras en nätbaserad studiecirkel på Peter Hudis bok Marx’s Concept on the Alternative to Capitalism. Gruppen kommer träffas sex gånger under sommaren för att kritiskt diskutera bokens innehåll. Alla är välkomna och inga särskilda förkunskaper krävs.

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03 juni 2020
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