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Nyhet! DIY Feminism: From learning to doing

Learn more about intersectionality and critical race theory, decolonial perspectives, and transnational feminism(s).

This in-person three-part study circle is intended to explore the fundamentals of feminist theory and global epistemologies as a means to inspire participants to action the acquired knowledge into concrete personal and collective projects (both local and global).

This study circle introduces the fundamentals of feminist theory and invites the participants to ‘travel’ across the various feminist epistemologies around the world. This will equip the participants with key tenets of feminism(s) and tools for norm-critical thinking. We will discuss together concepts on intersectionality and critical race theory, decolonial perspectives, and transnational feminism(s). We will also encourage participants to collaborate among themselves via a carefully-crafted ‘liberating structures’ methodology to design and potentially launch personal projects or join international collective projects. This could either be through navigating and joining international feminist initiatives and networks, or through crafting own blogs, grant applications, zines, etc. We hope to work together with the participants to develop ‘theories of change’ for the feminist project of their choice.

The study circle methodology will be grounded on liberating structures: easy-to-learn microstructures that enhance relational coordination and trust by fostering lively participation in groups of any size.

The study circle will be conducted in English and you are expected to participate in all three meetings.

Circle leaders
Elizabeth (Ely) Wright Veintimilla is an Ecuadorian gender professional and feminist advocate with transnational experience. She holds a Bachelor’s degree from Hampshire College (USA) and a Master’s degree in Gender, Violence & Conflict from the University of Sussex (UK). Her areas of interest and expertise include: sexual violence, reproductive justice, travel, migration, and mental/emotional health. She is currently leading a transnational feminist co-mentorship program at the Society of Gender Professionals, and is the creator of Picture Her Story (2016) and Me Voy de Casa (2019).

Erla Gjinishi is a political scientist and international development professional from Albania. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the American University in Bulgaria and a Master’s Degree in Gender Studies from Lund University, Sweden. Erla has over 6 years of experience in strategic partnerships and fundraising, grant writing and program development. She has designed numerous social impact projects across the Western Balkans and Africa.

Good to know

• To be able to register here on the website, you must enter an email address and have a Swedish personal number or LMA-number. If you do not have it, you are welcome to contact us by phone 08-453 41 00.

• You will receive the invitation approximately ten days before the start of the course.

• Pensioners have a 10 percent discount on circles. Unemployed and long-term sick leavers full-time have a 50 percent discount on circles during the day (weekdays before 4.30 pm) and 30 percent in the evening (at 4.30 pm and later) and weekends.

Read more about how it works to take a course with us, as well as about conditions and right of withdrawal HERE.

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12 mars 2022
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