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One of our international projects

Working on the construction of a secondary school located in Sibangani - a remote village located in Zimbabwe.

ABF MittSkåne is proud to present one of our international projects

Skolprojekt Sibangani Zimbabwe 2011 168

A team from ABF MittSkåne visited the village to look around the current conditions of the school's facilities and to make note of what is needed. At the same time to explore and engage in the vast culture of Zimbabwe for future projects. The team gathered with the minister of media of Zimbabwe to plan future educational projects.

The goal of this project is to bring educational facilities to remote villages in Zimbabwe to provide a better education standard for the children - the future of Zimbabwe.

Skolprojekt Sibangani Zimbabwe 2011 170

Children should learn without fear

Child labour, rape child molestation, bulling corporal punishment and instilling fear are all forms of abuse

Today a cry is heard Please remove fear among us. In homes and in schools for we want to learn under a favourable condition that is without fear

Parents and teachers are breeders of fear Fear which breed failure Lets all be responsible Lets plan to participate and be seen providing ways to stop it.

Once we all heard and fear will be removed all will be well.

By Fhandolklenkasi Naube Former student at Sibangani Secondary School

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Invigningen av Secondary school i Sibangani, Zimbabwe Den 13/7 2014 reste Sven Englesson och Jeanette Olsson till Sibangani i Zimbabwe för att delta i Invigningen av Secondary school som ABF MittSkåne varit med och bidragit till Bild1