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About us

ABF stands for Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund, Workers’ Educational Association. We try to reduce the widening gaps in the society. Our focus on social class is no less important today than it was in 1912, when the association was founded. ABF is a politically independent organization, but we share the values of the labour movement. Democracy, diversity, fairness and equality are the foundations of our operations. We believe that all people have equal value, that all people can learn and that they can impact society. Everyone should have the opportunity to gain the knowledge to influence their own situation, as well as local and global development.

ABF FyrBoDal

ABF has more than 50 branches in Sweden, ABF FyrBoDal, is one of them. ABF FyrBoDal includes 17 municipalities ranging from Strömstad and Åmal in the North to Alingsås in the South. In each municipality, we have a meeting place which is a venue for workshops, cultural events, assignments and projects.

We are a non-profit organization that member organizations can influence by the member representatives that are included in our board and through the annual meeting to which the member organizations are invited.

Member Organizations

We have 300 member organizations in ABF FyrBoDal with which we have a creative and stimulating cooperation with.

The Study Circle

A study circle consists of a group of people who meet regularly and study together. The siza of a gruop, around 8 participants, is optimized for collective learning. The study circle is open to everybody, with no requirements of prior knowledge. The participants decide for themselves the content and working methods of the study circle. They jointly seek new knowledge, skills and insights. The leader of the study circle is well-versed in its topic and guides the discussions, making sure that everyone has a say and that all the participants experiences and personalities are met with respect.

Training of leaders

We continuously educate our circle leaders to ensure that they are secure in their role and get the skills training they need to carry out circles with quality.


We are constantly working to create venues and opportunities for people to meet, develop their interest and strengthened towards the labour market. Many times we create opportunities through unconventional solutions. Together with our partner municipalities, authorities and associations, we develop ideas for creating a sustainable society where people thrive, evolve and feel a sense of community.

Our 5 characteristics

All activities are carried out through liberal adult education. Quality is the key word in our our activities and we are constantly upgrading our quality assurance methods. We are an educational resource and provides skills training to leaders and organizations. In dialogue with organizations, independent groups, municipalities and others, we are working with idea development designed to strengthen social movements and counter the class society. We want to be a creative collaborative partner for associations, municipalities and government agencies.

"Through liberal adult education we want to be a force for change in society."