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ABF in English

Worker’s Education Association

ABF (the Worker’s Educational Association) provides non-formal adult education (folk education) with focus on social class. We share the labour movement’s values and fight for a free and progressive society.

At our study association you can attend study groups, lectures and events. This is the place to get organized and learn together. We have everything from dance classes, ceramic courses and book reading groups to educations on how to unionize at your first workplace!

Throughout the years we have arranged – together with activists, organisations and educators – activities and festivals about climate, anti racism och feminism. Folk education is one way to tackle complex and important political issues.

There are, in short, two ways of facilitating a study group at ABF:

  1. The classic study group. Free to participate in, and your engagement as a leader is volunteer based. This type of study group is held with friends, an association or the general public. You learn together. You as a leader doesn’t have to have special knowledge about the subject, your role is to facilitate the group. Over 90 % of all study groups at ABF fall under this category.
  2. A paid study group. This is for the general public. The participants pay a fee, and you as a leader are paid. You as a facilitator have special knowledge on the subject.

Teacher/facilitator training on different levels

The study group teacher/facilitator is a key person in any study group. That’s why ABF offers several different levels of teacher/facilitator training courses throughout the year.


Contact us at ABF Malmö to start your own study group or if your are interested in attending our free of charge facilitator course.