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What is ABF?

Arbetarnas Bildningsförbund, (ABF) translates to Workers’ Educational Association and  is the largest study association in Sweden. ABF is a non-governmental organization, based on a clear set of values. ABF is party politically independent but with values that coincide with the labour movement and its aim to counteract the class society.

What can we offer?

ABF offers popular education in all the municipalities  in Sweden through study circles, courses, lectures and  cultural events.

The characteristic of popular education in comparison to formal education is that it’s based on the individual needs and that it is not graded. It is a way of learning outside the traditional school system.  An informal education system to care for everyone’s right and access to lifelong learning and development. 

“Swedish from day 1”  and “civic education”

Working for an accessible society, in which all people living in Sweden actively can participate, is a matter of human rights and democracy.  A language barrier could be an obstacle to fully partake in society and that is why ABF around the country organise Swedish from day 1 for new swedes and refugees. 

This is the first step in our program Welcome to Sweden and after completing the study circle you have the opportunity to participate in further education to gain additional knowledge. 

How can you participate? 

Read more and  contact your local ABF branch to find out what study circles are available at your location. Here you can find all of our locations!