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ABF Malmö in English

ABF (the Worker’s Educational Association) provides non-formal popular adult education with focus on social class. ABF is a politically independent organisation, but we share values of the labour movement.

About ABF 

We are Sweden’s leading adult education association. We offer non-formal adult educations in study associations and study circles.

“Folkbildning” is a Swedish democratic concept, which it is based on voluntary participation and a will to learn together. ABF facilitates study circles, lectures, events and other activities that encourages sharing of knowledge without profit.

What to do at ABF:

✅ Participate in a study circle/course

✅ Attend a seminar or lecture

✅ Start your own study circle

✅ Attend the study circle leader/facilitator training

✅ Develop your association, organisation or study group

✅ Arrange educational activities in our houses

Start a study circle

Our main tool is the study circle. You can start a study circle in your organisation, in your network or in your neighborhood. The study circle is both simple and democratic. Study circles have been crucial in the fight for democracy in Sweden, and have contributed making our popular adult education movement among the strongest in the world.

The study circle is one way to develop you and/or your association. We are here to help you and your association/organisation develop and gain skills where needed.

Do this:

  1. Fill in this form. We will get back to you with information.
  2. You are now ready to start your study circle!  
  3. If you need any support during the study circle, we'll keep in touch, otherwise we'll get together at the end of the study circle when we receive your attendance list.

Attendance list 

The leader fill in a attentance list online at arretjanst.abf.se. ABF Malmö will get you started, after you’ve submitted your study circle form.

ABF Malmö's volunteer- and leader pool

If you want to facilitate a study circle in your area, fill in the application form below. We'll contact you if an opportunity arises! Do you already have a group of participants? Go ahead and start your study circle here.

There are, in short, two ways of facilitating a study circle at ABF:

  1. The classic study circle. Free to participate in, and your engagement as a leader is volunteer based. This type of study circle is held with friends, an association or the general public. You learn together. You as a leader doesn't have to have special knowledge about the subject, your role is to facilitate the group. Over 90 % of all study circles at ABF fall under this category.
  2. A paid study circle. This is for the general public. The participants pay a fee, and you as a leader are paid. You as a facilitator have special knowledge on the subject.

Leader/facilitator training on different levels

The study circle leader/facilitator is a key person in any study circle. That’s why ABF offers several different levels of leader/facilitator training courses throughout the year. 


Contact us at ABF Malmö to start your own study circle or if your are interested in taking our free of charge facilitator course.