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ABF Malmö in English

ABF (the Worker’s Educational Association) provides non-formal popular adult education with focus on social class. ABF is a politically independent organisation, but we share values of the labour movement.

About ABF 

We are Sweden’s leading adult education association. We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to gain the knowledge to influence their own life situation, and be able to influence local and global developments.

We offer non-formal adult educations in study associations and study circles. We share values with the labour-, feminism- and anti-racism movements. 

Start a study circle

Our main tool is the study circle. You can start a study circle in your organisation, in your network or in your neighborhood. Through the study circle, you become part of the change. And on the way you are perhaps changed, too. 

The study circle is both simple and democratic. Study circles have been crucial in the fight for democracy in Sweden, and have contributed making our popular adult education movement among the strongest in the world.  

The study circle is one way to develop you and/or your association. We are here to help you and your association/organisation develop and gain skills where needed.

Leader/facilitator training on different levels

The study circle leader/facilitator is a key person in any study circle. That’s why ABF offers several different levels of leader/facilitator training courses throughout the year.


Contact us at ABF Malmö to start your own study circle or if your are interested in taking our free of charge facilitator course. 

Office phone: +4640 35 24 00
Office mail: info.malmo@abf.se