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ABF Malmö in English

ABF (the Worker’s Educational Association) provides non-formal education with focus on social class. ABF is a politically independent organisation, but we share the labour movement's values.

Worker's Education Association

We are Sweden’s leading adult education association. We offer non-formal adult education in study associations and study groups.

“Folkbildning” is a Swedish democratic concept, which it is based on voluntary participation and a will to learn together. ABF facilitates study groups, lectures, events and other activities that encourages sharing of knowledge without profit.

ABF Malmö's volunteer- and teacher pool

If you want to facilitate a study group in your area, fill in the application form below. We'll contact you if an opportunity arises! Do you already have a group of participants? Go ahead and start your study group here.

There are, in short, two ways of facilitating a study group at ABF:

  1. The classic study group. Free to participate in, and your engagement as a leader is volunteer based. This type of study group is held with friends, an association or the general public. You learn together. You as a leader doesn't have to have special knowledge about the subject, your role is to facilitate the group. Over 90 % of all study groups at ABF fall under this category.
  2. A paid study group. This is for the general public. The participants pay a fee, and you as a leader are paid. You as a facilitator have special knowledge on the subject.

Teacher/facilitator training on different levels

The study circle teacher/facilitator is a key person in any study group. That’s why ABF offers several different levels of teacher/facilitator training courses throughout the year. 


Contact us at ABF Malmö to start your own study circle or if your are interested in taking our free of charge facilitator course.